A lot of people seem to think what they do can’t make much of a difference, because they’re just individual people among billions of others. Some people wish they had a purpose, or were as important as other people, but believe that they’re not. People get into this mindset, and then they make stupid decisions or just let themselves float through life doing nothing.

But get this: you’re just as important as everyone else. Maybe on our own little home planet governed by our own rules you’ve been born into great wealth and power, extreme poverty, or something in between, but I’m speaking on a bigger scale here. We created that world, and those rules. No one told us to. We just did. No one is born with a specific, predefined purpose. We don’t have some master to-do list handed down to us by the universe, if you will. All you can do is create a purpose for yourself and make it matter. The fun of life lies in coming up with this purpose. Follow your passions and do what feels right to you, and you’ll end up making a bigger difference than you ever thought you could.

People need to get this. Seriously.