1. I’m crazy for never having used Instruments.
  2. There’s this really cool application called Reveal that lets you visualize the view hierarchy of your app in 3D.
  3. Gravity-based parallax effects are shockingly easy to achieve on iOS 7 with Apple’s cool new motion effects APIs.
  4. I am not cut out to achieve zen with auto layout. Sorry, Justin. (Update: I revoke this comment! [It was also kind of a joke.] Auto layout is cool though, seriously!)
  5. Jay Freeman prefers to be called the “godfather” of jailbreaking, not the “father” or the “grandfather” of jailbreaking.
  6. Mike Lee has no philosophical issue with Unit Tests—he literally just can’t make them work in his projects. He would like all you Unit Test zealots to stop asking him why he won’t use them and instead just set them up in Lemacs.
  7. Standing between Jay Freeman and Mike Lee is a great way to make yourself feel incredibly puny.
  8. Nick Arnott is great at QA, especially when it comes to perfecting the flame transitions in his slides on QA.
  9. Samuel Goodwin kicks ass at life, and believes you should use the command line for everything.
  10. Matt Henderson and Collin Donnell don’t think you should use the command line for everything, but still kick ass at life.
  11. Objective-C developers have unusually strong opinions on how they manage their dependencies.
  12. Rene Cacheaux is a really nice guy who really knows his way around UIKit. (He also knows his way around a deck of Cards Against Humanity.)
  13. Unbeknownst to proponents of the paradigm, MVC actually stands for Massive View Controller.
  14. Ashlyn Herd (my incredible girlfriend) can gracefully handle a sports bar packed with developers, so, like, we should probably just get married.
  15. John Wilker is not only great at organizing conferences—he is great at building communities. He and Nicole Wilker share an incredibly generous spirit, and an honest desire to bring people together. This was my first 360iDev, and I couldn’t have loved it more. Thank you both, and thank you to all the developers who made it the welcoming place that it was.