Everyone deserves empathy.

However, there are some people who systemically get less empathy than others. These people need more additional empathy than everyone else to bring things into balance.

Saying that doesn’t mean the people who are in power don’t deserve empathy. Empathy there can help us find the values and motivations we share and bring us closer to collaborating towards a better world for those not in power.

Even those who share none of our values or lack the capacity for empathy still deserve empathy. Empathy there can help us understand how to help them without harming anyone else.

Not everyone gets empathy, so given a finite amount of empathy, we need to focus our attention on those who are not receiving it.

But the reason for that, in my mind, is that everyone deserves empathy, and if everyone had the empathy they deserve then the world would be safer, more loving, and more just than it is now.